Combined Theories


I think that Dumbledore was terminally ill after trying to destroy the horcrux ring, hence the shrivelled hand that just won’t heal.  and he and Snape are the only ones aware of this, hence Dumbledore’s change in tactics and haste in making harry aware of his research efforts so far (so that he is prepared to carry on later).

am convinced that Snape is on the side of the light and hasn’t turned.  I believe he made the unbreakable vow to Narcissa as he was trying to turn Draco, then told Dumbledore about this.  so he was staying intentionally ambiguous on his way to the fighting until he reached the top of the astronomy tower when confronted with a clearly dying Dumbledore and more DE’s than he can feasibly take on.  then he and Dumbledore had a bit of a conversation via legitimacy that was Dumbledore urging him to kill him (he was done for anyway and by doing this Snape can fulfil his vow and obtain further favour with Voldemort).  after all, if Dumbledore can give similar orders to harry on the way to the cave, why can’t they apply to Snape?  I think this is supported by the fact that Snape tries in his own way to protect both harry and Draco when he is making his escape.  a duelling champion such as he could easily have overpowered harry at the time.  he even encourages harry to continue with occlumency training (if in his own sarcastic way).

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Harry’s Scar


I believe that the horcrux that has to do with Ravenclaw or Gryffindor is in fact Harry Potter.  I think that Voldemort knew that he was losing followers and that he would soon die, so he put a horcrux into Harry and that is why Harry has a lightning scar.  Voldemort giving off another half of his spirit was too weak to go on and went into hiding.  I think that in order to kill Voldemort, Harry himself will be sacrificed.  This would explain his parseltounge abilities and being able to feel Voldemort’s emotions.  I also believe that Snape did not want to die and killed Dumbledore in order to stay true to the unbreakable vow.  I also believe that he was protecting Harry when he stopped all of his curses.

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Pettigrew’s Hand


Now, I didn’t personally make up this theory but it is quite a good one.

I imagine you all remember the graveyard scene at the end of Goblet of Fire. When Pettigrew cut his hand off in order to help Voldemort to be reborn, and Voldemort repaid this by making his other hand strong etc. But we also remember that Pettigrew owes Harry a life debt from Prisoner of Azkaban.

So let’s say Dumbledore found Pettigrew and demanded that he called in the favour (we know that Pettigrew does give in easily, as he did when he gave Lily and James up to Voldemort).

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Dumbledore isn’t Dumbledore


This theory is quite confusing, so please read it carefully.

In HBP Dumbledore seemed rather distant, his whole personality seemed to change. He was rather rude with the Dursleys’ and acted throughout the book as “undumbledorelike” as ever. Especially whilst and after he was drinking that potion.

Now throughout this book Crabbe and Goyle have been using the Polyjuice potion, and it has featured in previous books.

Now however farfetched this may seem, perhaps Dumbledore was someone else. Perhaps Snape and Dumbledore traded places using the potion, so Dumbledore was right inside Voldemort’s inner circle of followers. Now taking into account what I said about Dumbledore’s personality and rather easy death this theory sounds less farfetched.

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R.A.B is Lord Voldemort


Ok so, this theory is a bit whacky but it is sort of a spinoff from our earlier theory, “Dumbledore isn’t Dumbledore”. Let’s see if I can’t put some meaning to the idea.

I think that it is entirely possible that Voldemort wrote that note and planted a fake Horcrux. The potion was the actual Horcrux, so to destroy it you would have to die.

But Voldemort didn’t realise that Dumbledore would work that out. If you remember he kept on saying to Harry that Harry’s blood was more important to him.

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