Best Party Destinations in the World

Best Party Destinations in the World

ibizaWhen we talk about a party city or destination, we are not talking about a place that is only good for a few pints or just a couple of shots, but we are talking about best places where you can go for an event and party all day and night long. Some people are true party animals, be it at home or on vacation, and the world has incredibly awesome spots available for the most adventurous party attendees.

Here, we look at some of the best and craziest party hotspots across the globe. At these destinations, get ready to get loose and wild, wear some dancing shoes and the right attire for the occasion. There is good music, ambiance, food and awesome themes.


Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one destination that is so liberal both culturally and socially, making it a very acceptable and approachable city. It doesn’t come as any surprise that Ibiza is featured among the top beach destinations in the world. At Ibiza, music creates hypnotic melodies making this destination to stand out. There are many boat parties, club and music festivals that create an awesome party scenario, a thing that will keep your spirits high all time long.


Mykonos, Greece

MykonosMykonos is without a doubt one of the greatest party destinations in the world. As far as dancing is concerned, it starts mid-afternoon on the beaches and continues in those clubs until sunrise. Restaurants such as Kavos will stay open for 24 hours just to accommodate the very many party animals who frequent the club. In case you would want to go crazy, the best time to visit is in August. That is the time when the vast majority of Europe shuts down and goes on summer vacation. Most Europeans will be on the move looking for these vacations spots to have the best of their holiday.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as the city with 24-hour parties. Most of the dance clubs are located at Rembrandtplein, which is the famous Amsterdam’s party district. From this district, you will find party goers from all walks of life, from the flamboyant drag queens to tourists and high-society socialites, all of them looking to go crazy for the night. There are lots of clubs where partying goes on until noon. Other notable party destinations include New York in the USA, Berlin in Germany, Manchester in the UK, Tel Aviv in Israel, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Las Vegas in the USA among others

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